smart enough to be lucky

Johnnie Walker  – The man who walked around the world …but he, and his family that followed him, were possessed by a fiery ambition, with the skill and intelligence to match. What a great, clever and skillful ad.

love is friendship set on fire

I believe in love

…maybe the most expensive and confusing beliefs of all the only journey there is the thing that makes all struggles and pain to make sense In the quest of love, the hardest thing for me ended up being to not touch the incredible special people that life honors me with. To simply allow them to fly free of my…


universul canta cum stie el

Stateam asa, plutind in moleseala de proaspata trezita dintr-un somn prelungit de dupa sutele mele de kilometri pe care-i iau saptamanal in rotile expresului si dupa luni nebune si nebunesti si pline ochi cu de toate si cu schimbari care zboara cu viteze ametitoare si cu mine cu tot, cu capul lasat inert pe spate, agatata…